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"My daughter was falling behind in several of her classes and the stress was really taking a toll on her. I tried to help her, but I am just not a teacher. Tutor Doctor was able to bring in 2 tutors to help and within a few weeks we were caught up. One tutor was even able to work with two of her teachers to get assignments caught up. I was just so impressed with Tutor Doctor. It so good to see my daughter smile again!" Kimberly

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ACT Tutor in Springfield, Missouri

Affordable Test Prep Tutors in Springfield

Get the direct help your high school student needs with an ACT tutor in Springfield, Missouri.  Tutor Doctor provides test prep help for national standardized tests, college entrance examinations and Advanced Placement testing.  The ACT, the SAT or other testing are essential for the admissions process for local community colleges, public and private colleges and state and private universities.

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ACT Tutor in Springfield to Help Your High School Student Excel

Most high school students are intimidated by national tests, such as the ACT.  This is where Tutor Doctor can help with an expert ACT tutor in Springfield to assist your high school student.  We can help identify areas of weakness and strength in academics, particularly pertaining to ACT testing.  We can assist with general test preparation, be a study partner, or provide targeted assistance in more advanced high school topics in mathematics, sciences, languages and social studies.

Whether you have an “A” student that needs a study partner, or your student needs assistance with more difficult scientific and mathematical concepts, Tutor Doctor can provide the level of assistance that your student needs at affordable rates.  Every tutoring experience is unique as we customize instruction based upon the individual needs of each student.  We want each student to excel on the ACT or other college entrance exam.

Generally, with higher scores, students have more scholarship opportunities from the school of choice.

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ACT Tutor in Springfield Service Area

Your ACT tutor in Springfield helps college-bound high school students throughout Springfield and in nearby towns including Republic, Ozark, Nixa, Rogersville, Willard, and Strafford, Missouri.  There are many great high schools in the Springfield area and we will work with students attending public and private high schools including students of Glendale High, Kickapoo High, Parkview High, Central High, Greenwood High, and Catholic High Schools.  Get the preparation you need to excel at the ACT.

Continuing Tutoring from Tutor Doctor Once in College

We are here to provide general test prep help, help with specific subjects, and we can also help college-bound high school student once they pass the ACT.  Once admitted to a college or university, get college help from Tutor Doctor with Advanced Placement testing – if your student can test out of basic level freshmen and survey classes, take the test and get the class credit.  This is a simple way to save money; if you pass the test, your student will receive credit for the course, thus saving money on college course credits and textbooks.  By passing AP tests, students have more options for elective classes and courses that will count towards a specific major and minor.

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